Swim Ulster Masters

Swim Ulster Masters

23 May 2023

We are delighted to bring you the highlights from the recently concluded Ulster Masters Championships held on 21st May 2023. The competition showcased the remarkable talent, determination, and sportsmanship of the Ulster and wider Irish Masters Swimming community. Notably, we welcomed visiting teams from the mainland U.K to the 2023 rendition of the Swim Ulster Masters championships. South Lake Leisure Centre its volunteers, as well as Swim Ulster officials, made this a fantastically ran event on the day. The action was packed and races consistantly produced nail biting finishes and the breaking of records.


Record-Breaking Performances

The pool was on fire with remarkable record-breaking swims across various age groups. Here are some of the exceptional records set during the championships:

  • Francie McAlinden (55-59):
    • 50m Breaststroke - 38.77 seconds (Ulster Record)
  • Alan McMullan (70-74):
    • 100m Backstroke - 1:31.61 (Irish Record)
    • 100m Freestyle - 1:17.38 (Ulster Record)
    • 50m Butterfly - 46.50 (Ulster Record)
  • Brenda Healy (40-45):
    • 100m Butterfly - 1:29.80 (Ulster Record)
  • Leander A.S.C. (Emily Hoey, Graeme Beggs, Brogan O'Hara, Caoimhghin Campfield):
    • Mixed 200m Medley Relay - 2:14.69 (Ulster Record)
    • Mixed 200m Freestyle Relay - 1:54.85 (Irish Record)
  • Leander Women's Team:
    • 400m Medley Relay - 4:24.72
  • Brogan O'Hara (25-29):
    • 50m Freestyle - 28.49 (Irish Record)
  • Graeme Beggs (45-49):
    • 50m Backstroke - 36.02 (Ulster Record)
    • 50m Freestyle - 29.74 (Ulster Record)
  • Paul Prodohol (55-59):
    • 50m Butterfly - 32.78 (Ulster Record)
    • 50m Breaststroke - 37.87 (Ulster Record)
  • Ethan McAllister (20-24):
    • 400m Individual Medley - 5:58.74 (Irish Record)
    • 400m Freestyle - 4:53.15 (Ulster Record)
    • 200m Backstroke - 2:49.63 (Ulster Record)
    • 200m Individual Medley - 3:42.86 (Ulster Record)
  • Alison White (35-39):
    • 200m Freestyle - 2:32.70 (Ulster Record)
  • Jan Solciansky (30-34):
    • 50m Breaststroke - 31.90
  • Jonathan Agnew (25-29):
    • 200m Individual Medley - 2:52.34 (Ulster Record)
    • 200m Breaststroke - 3:11.75 (Ulster Record)
  • Swim Belfast (172):
    • Mixed 4x50m - 1:56.13 (Ulster Record)
  • Elizabeth Watts (40-44):
    • 100m Backstroke - 1:21.49 (Ulster Record)
    • 50m Backstroke - 37.34 (Ulster Record)
    • 100m Freestyle - 1:11.84 (Ulster Record)
    • 400m Individual Medley - 6:27.74 (Ulster Record)
    • 100m Butterfly - 1:24.00 (Ulster Record)

**this list could be subject to additions, it includes the records Swim Ulster have been made aware of at this time


Looking ahead, the future of Ulster Masters swimming is undoubtedly bright and will remain to be a major focus for Swim Ulster. Masters swimmers are truly inspiring figures within our swimming community. Their dedication and commitment to the sport, often balancing training with demanding careers and personal responsibilities, serves as an example of perseverance and dedication. Masters swimmers also demonstrate that age is no barrier to pursuing goals and overcoming them physically and mentally. They embody a spirit of lifelong learning and growth, constantly striving to improve.The performances witnessed at the recent championships are a testament to the community.


As more swimmers continue to push involve themselves at Masters level, we can expect to see even more remarkable achievements in the years to come.With the support of coaches, clubs, and organizations, the Ulster, and wider Masters swimming community will continue to grow, fostering a welcoming and competitive environment for swimmers of all ages.


Full results : https://www.swimulster.net/getattachment/Competitions/Gala-Results-File/ulster-masters-championships-2023-pdf-results-v2.pdf.aspx

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