Larne Swimming Club

Larne Swimming Club

County Antrim

Founded in 1969, Larne Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club in County Antrim that produces Irish, Commonwealth, European, World and Olympic champions and offers its own Learn to Swim Programme.

Our club structure runs in line with the Long Term Athlete Development model with the aim of providing the correct stimulation at each development stage within a culture and environment where success is an inevitability. We believe that the promotion of competitive swimming encourages swimmers to fulfil their potential, with the intention of producing well-roundedness and confidence later in life. By taking part in and contributing to a sporting team, we believe young athletes learn vital lessons preparing them for sporting development, future study and work.

Our Learn to Swim programme provides lessons for children from the age of 3 upwards and encourages them to develop at their own pace in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. We ensure that every swimmer from learner to elite competitors is provided with appropriate learning opportunities to assist them to achieve their full potential.

Larne Swimming Club

Training location: Larne Leisure Centre

28 Tower Road, Larne, County Antrim

BT40 1AB

Trials are held regularly and upon request: email [email protected]

Learn to Swim information and membership details may be found on our website: or Facebook: @larneswimmingclubofficial



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