U17 Irish Waterpolo Championships

U17 Irish Waterpolo Championships

15 Jan 2024

January 14, 2024

The Irish U17 Water Polo Cup concluded this weekend, spotlighting the remarkable talent and resilience of Ulster teams, particularly Clonard and Newry, who secured bronze medals in a fiercely competitive tournament held at Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre.


Clonard and Newry: A Testament to Ulster's Water Polo Programmes 

The standout performances of Clonard and Newry in this year's U17 Cup were a source of immense pride for Swim Ulster. In the boys' category, Newry demonstrated exceptional skill and strategy, overpowering Clonard to secure third place with a convincing 12-2 win. This match was not just a game but a display of the growing strength and depth of water polo talent in Ulster.


On the girls' side, Clonard showcased their determination and tenacity in a nail-biting bronze medal match against the Belfast Diamonds. The thrilling 10-9 victory for Clonard was a testament to the team's hard work and dedication, marking them as a formidable force in Irish water polo.


Celebrating Our Teams' Journey and Future

These achievements are a reflection of the robust training programs and supportive community that form the backbone of water polo in Ulster. Clonard and Newry's success at the tournament is a beacon of inspiration for other teams in the region, highlighting the potential that can be reached through commitment and teamwork.


Swim Ulster extends its heartfelt congratulations to both teams for their outstanding performances and for representing Ulster with such distinction on the national stage. The dedication, sportsmanship, and skill displayed by these young athletes are commendable and set a high standard for their peers.



This event was also a celebration of the collective efforts of those behind the scenes. Our gratitude goes out to the referees, table officials, and particularly to Kevin Armstrong, President of Ireland Water Polo, for attending the medal presentation. A special mention must be made for Tournament Director Phil Kelly and Officials Delegate Decky McKerr, whose efforts were crucial in ensuring a seamless and successful tournament.


Our thanks also extend to Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre and its accommodating staff, whose support was vital in facilitating this event. Their willingness to adapt and provide the necessary resources played a significant role in the success of the tournament.


Looking Ahead

As we reflect on this year's tournament, Swim Ulster is inspired by the performances of Clonard and Newry. Their achievements are not just victories but stepping stones towards greater success in the future. We are committed to supporting our teams and fostering the growth of water polo in Ulster.



Swim Ulster remains dedicated to nurturing the talent and passion for water polo within our region. The accomplishments of Clonard and Newry at the Irish U17 Water Polo Cup are just the beginning. We eagerly anticipate the future successes of our teams and will continue to provide the support and resources necessary for them to thrive in the sport. Congratulations once again to Clonard and Newry for their remarkable achievements and for carrying the banner of Ulster water polo with pride and excellence.*


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